Black Swan vs. Perfect Blue (2010, 1998)

Very informative on the process. In my opinion it was similar but they are both different entities. Scenes of course were stolen but overall both films are in their own lane.

Critical Dave

When Black Swan was released, I’d seen nothing in the way of trailers or promotional material, save for the awesome poster atop this review and precisely one review of the film that liked it well enough. I went to see it, keen to take in Aronofsky’s newest, and by the end of the film, was impressed but completely hooked on one question – had he actually remade Perfect Blue?

Perfect Blue doesn’t follow the exact same plot as Black Swan but there are striking similarities. Both stories feature a troubled protagonist who is put under pressure in a performative career, both have thematic concerns about the fracturing and/or loss of identity, and in both stories, the protagonists’ major spiral is kicked off by a sexual awakening of sorts.


In Perfect Blue, the protagonist is Mima, a pop-singer now embarking on the beginning of an acting career…

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