Darkness and Light: It’s Not A War

In many tales spanning every age in time there is a battle of forces. Good vs Evil. Light vs Dark. I’ve always found it to be an amazing storytelling device because it never gets old. There is always the classic character who is destined to save the world from the hordes of evil that dare oppose the foundation of “pure goodness”. Then there is the villain who wants to destroy the world for reasons that are usually minuscule or no reason at all.

But as I’ve grown more and began exploring my spirituality I’ve asked myself questions and asked the spirits, the energy, the nature around me the purpose and reason why. Now you’re probably wondering if I’m a Wiccan or something. I’m an Animist, a personal sect that believes in the forces unseen control all things. But that’s for another post. However back to my asking, I received no answer for a long time. Maybe because this was when I was in the beginning stages of my life, where I actually got to make decisions.

So in high school I began exploring my sexuality, as you all know, and more importantly accepting things as it was. I used to walk by myself, listening to the wind even though they spoke no known language, I would sleep in the grass, feeling the energy of this earth beat, and then one day when I began to experience more and more sleep paralysis, everything clicked. This idea of light and dark was convoluted by the stories we are taught today. Even today more and more stories show these two forces in a light that I have believed in.

The human spirit, soul, energy, brain whatever you wish to call it, is a dual entity. It holds the power to be light and dark simultaneously or separately. We look out into the world and see those people that do so much for other people, out of the kindness in their hearts without asking for anything and some people are stunned how someone can be so gracious, so comforting. And then we look to the people who commit atrocities in this world, killing innocent people, wanting to cause drama just for the sheer enjoyment of it all.

Now don’t get me wrong there are factors that come into play why some people do what they do, mental instability/sickness which is the main one I can think. But sometimes there is no reason at all, aside from emotions and just the reason to do it.

Most say that good always wins, that the light prevails over darkness and the sun will always come in the morning. But that’s not entirely true. As much as we would like good to always win, to have the goodness overpower the dominant negative forces we witness or endure, that’s not how life is set up and will never be. Darkness is natural and it’s here to stay. To be totally honest, Darkness is our natural state (in my opinion) unless you are a spirit that doesn’t have that construct of darkness (but that’s another topic as well.

In order to make sense of this I looked at the idea of the human being. Humans have evolved naturally or manipulated (not sure) into who they are today. We come from a line of animals and as we known animals are supposed to be carnal, wild and are naturally survivalist. I would think all living creatures want to survive [but I wouldn’t know]. The spirit we are is housed within the human body, we power this complex brain and the brain works with us and we it. However the human body is not without it’s flaws. It’s a cage that keeps us within the reality of this physical plane. The eyes only see what it’s programmed to, so are the ears and other numerous senses. Luckily we as the spirit can sometimes feel more or see beyond, but it’s only during certain times and some people are more lucky than others. Now I’m not going to get into why we’re here on earth, I’ll try to stay on topic.

I use to think our souls were naturally light and that the body was the true darkness, the animal that’s selfish, territorial and carnal. But I began to think that’s just how the system is set up in our bodies. It has an automatic switch, most times, to protect itself. The human spirit is designed with the feelings, some believe our emotions are just hormones, but that’s up to you to decide. The spirit is just energy and energy can’t be destroyed only transformed or sent somewhere. Energy can be manipulated so it’s only logical to think that energy can become light or dark. Think about yourself. Have you ever been in great spirits and something traumatic switches your whole outlook on life and you’ve become a negative person? Well that’s just a small fraction of what I’m referring to. The experience of this life will move us between light and dark and it’s my belief that we have both aspects of them and not just one.

However I do believe people can have a natural inclination to a side, because like people who tend to favor one parent over the other, darkness and light works the same way.

Star Wars recently spurred it’s head again and the classic duel of the Light Side and the Dark Side are in full swing. But even in that universe I noticed that the Dark Side is vilified, only because the Sith made it so villainous. In reality the dark side is the hostile and radical emotions we feel and it’s expressing them through the force. But the dark side is just as needed as the light. They both need each other to survive, because too much of one thing can cause imbalance.

2015 was a time of havoc. From police brutality, mass shootings, terrorism and overt racism from a man who wears a gerbil on his head, everything has been boiling up because there is a disturbance in our world, an imbalance. While I classify myself as dark, I know that there needs to be balance and sense in the world, and with what’s happening around me, I can’t say I’m happy or excited for the future. Not yet at least.

With all that’s happened, we haven’t reached the apex of this shift in our time. It will get worse before it get’s better. That’s not me being a pessimist, that’s just me being attuned with the waves of energy. I feel something coming, something painful, something noticeable that’ll cause us all to hurt and feel the effects. But once that comes into effect, we’ll be able to heal again and balance will come.

Light and dark shouldn’t be at war, they shouldn’t be trying to stamp each other our of existence. They should be living in tandem with one another, learning to take traits from the other in order to become a force more powerful than the form it currently is. And when we reach that point of time where light and dark can fuse into one energy we will have perfected who we need to be as physical beings on this earth.


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