An Open Letter to White People With Dreadlocks

SThis post…I’m not entirely sure what to say. It’s an old post and so it really shouldn’t matter but I feel it needs to be an example of how other races can be just as bad as the people that oppress them. I’m all done for cultural pride and fighting against appropriation (serious appropriation) but when you sound like a self-righteous twit you don’t get your message across, nor do you even have validity to the sophomoric message you’re thinking of administering. The fact of the matter is that this poster really had the nerve to think that dreads was an invention of black people. Now mind you she was right when she said black hair can do it much easier but everyone in the world naturally can dread. It’s not a singular event to one culture. And another fact that she made it seem like the free spirited white people are trying their hardest to be Rastafarian is an even bigger insult. If she had the intelligence of a dolphin maybe she could see that Rastafarian are not the originator of this hair style. Like did you not know that every continent and its residing people have had some kind of dreaded style? The post is mean, deluded and more importantly lacks any eloquence. It literally sounds like that sarcastic asshole who says “sorry, not sorry”. One problem I have is when another person brings race into everything and tries to generalize, that’s the biggest pet peeve I’ve had. Jokes are funny, when they are actually funny, but this little letter of a so called concerned black friend is nothing more than an attempt to promote some kind of “you’re not black” agenda.
Really all I want to say is collect your life, you sound petty as fuck. I know this is your opinion and all but don’t try to make it sound like its fact, leave that to someone with education.

Thought Catalog

To Whom it May Concern (WHITE PEOPLE WITH DREADS),

Let me begin by explaining that I am not saying this to be a mean ol’ black hair elitist, I’m saying it to be nice. Think of it as a well-meaning PSA-from someone who really, really cares. Maybe everyone else is too polite to say it, but dreadlocks are not the look for you. I know you thought they would be a great idea after meditating with your giant Bob Marley flag you’ve tacked to your dorm room wall, but they’re not. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle invented by people with coarse, nappy hair (and while we’re on the subject, please don’t EVER use the word “nappy” to describe your hair – it’s an adjective that does not apply. “Curly” or “coarse”, maybe. “Nappy?” Never.) for people with coarse, nappy hair.

Listen – dreads exist because black hair dreads naturally, and because…

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